At Schneider Family Dentistry, we understand that thorough care for gum disease does not end after treatment —it is a lifelong commitment to maintaining oral health. This is why we offer periodontal maintenance services, using precise techniques to protect your smile from the recurrence of periodontal disease.

Periodontal maintenance is a crucial follow-up to periodontal therapy, especially for those who have battled with gum disease. It involves routine deep cleaning procedures that are more intensive than regular dental cleanings. These sessions help manage the health of your gums and bones by meticulously clearing away plaque and tartar buildup beneath the gumline — a haven for bacteria that cause gum disease.

During your periodontal maintenance visit, you will receive expert care from our skilled dentists and team. We will carefully remove any plaque and tartar from the pockets of the gums, polish your teeth and assess the depth of the gum pockets to monitor your gum health. This continuous monitoring and cleaning are vital in preventing the progression of gum disease and maintaining the results of your periodontal treatment.

Our process is not just about preventing disease — it is also about providing a comfortable, stress-free experience. We use gentle techniques to ensure your comfort and employ the latest dental practices to deliver the best outcomes.

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